Project Studios Residency

This June, my father Richard De Pirro, passed away after a prolonged illness. He was a master potter, sculptor, and teacher, and like all kids, I didn’t learn enough from him before he was gone. For those of you who are not familiar with Hoboken, PROTO Gallery is situated in the R. Neumann and Co. factory building, a home to many creative individuals and companies, including Project Studios, the company I founded more than 10 years ago to provide art and music studios and creative services. With the creation of our new ceramics studio, I decided that the best way to respect my family history was to offer a free residency with access to all of our studio shop space.

The Project Studios residency program is a two-month residency for studio artists, with a focus on skill building, knowledge sharing, and networking. The winter session begins November 15, 2017 and ends January 15, 2018.

We are currently accepting applications via our Submittable page:

There is a modest application fee, however the residency itself carries no cost for applicants.
Resident artists will have shared use of a 300 sq. ft. fourth-floor studio to be used as a home-room for painting, drawing, relaxing, and storage of art and materials. The space has refrigerators, a kitchen sink, large work table, couch, computer, and shelves. There is a shower on site for a quick transition from studio work to a night out at openings in Manhattan or Jersey City. All studio areas are equipped with wi-fi. The building is home to numerous artists, designers, and musicians.

The Clay Studio is a 1000 sq. ft. work studio with an outdoor area, and small showroom equipped with three electric kilns: Skutt KM1227PK, Olympic MAS1823HE and small Test Kiln. Other equipment includes: a custom-welded Amaco-Brent extruder, Bluebird Pug Mill, Walker Pug Mill Mixer, 60 Gallon Air Compressor with HVLP spray gun, two Brent B Wheels, two Brent CXC Wheels, Randall Kick Wheel, Bailey Quick-trim Bat 23.5 in., Banding Wheels, Various plaster and plastic bats, slab roller (Arriving September) and a large assortment of hand tools and brushes. The space is also well stocked with glaze making materials. The studio is located on the ground floor.

The second floor of our studio facility features a 4000 sq. ft. gallery space with storage and a small work room with accompanying room-width spray booth that can be used for plaster, spray paint, or other processes that need good ventilation. The gallery space is typically used for large pop up exhibitions, but can also be used to develop installation work or photograph finished pieces in a gallery setting during downtimes. This space can also be used as a set for video or performance work.

The third-floor mini Print Lab is a small space used for intaglio and monotype processes: monotype, drypoint, engraving, wood and Linoleum block, and copper etching with ferric chloride. The space is equipped with one intaglio press, work tables, and drying rack. There is also optional use of a vinyl cutting printer and HP Design Jet. Acid-based etching processes can be used in our second floor spray booth room.

The fourth-floor sculpture studio is a 1500 sq. ft. mixed-use space with a large amount of metalworking equipment including: Miller GTAW, Miller GMAW, Lincoln portable FCAW, Miller plasma cutter, BPR section bender, Kalamazoo horizontal band saw, abrasive chop saw, air compressors, sand blaster, and numerous grinders and hand tools. There is also an assortment of woodworking tools including various power and hand tools. The studio also has a beautiful room nearly surrounded by large factory windows for photographing and displaying art objects, or for creating performance or video work. Sculpture studio tools require residents to show competency or receive instruction before use.

Note: This residency is work only; there are no living quarters; the building is industrially zoned. All studios are wheelchair accessible via the passenger elevator or at ground level. Access to all studio areas is 24/7 but residents are discouraged from working alone when using tools for safety reasons. Residents shall provide their own materials for creation of their work, however on a case-by-case basis, studio materials may be provided, e.g. glaze making chemicals, metal shop consumables, or scrap wood.

The studio building is located a few blocks from the Lackawanna Terminal in Hoboken (PATH, NJ Transit train and bus, NY Waterway ferry) and also has a NJ Transit bus stop at the property. The building has a daily parking lot that can be used by residents and guests free of charge. NJ Transit light rail is a few blocks west of the studios.

Thank you,
Nick De Pirro
President, PROTO Gallery