New Paintings by Ellen Siebers and Ian White Williams.

READING A WAVE presents work by two painters similarly engaged in a pragmatic process of recording quotidian studio circumstances through their painting. The resulting work remains as a relic, tied to the specific moments of its making. The work, in parallel to this concept, is a product of the act of rehearsing a memory. The memories of both Siebers and Williams are then reduced to a potent form; a testament to the power of the mind’s eye. These moments of receptivity, both with the environment and with painting material and process, are meditative but do not imply peacefulness. Both artists are interested in being totally available (not vacant) to the cacophony of interior and exterior stimuli. The results are paintings ‘from’ something real, remembered, imagined, seen, heard or felt; all are possible and none predetermined. The paintings are a record of the process of the translation of vulnerable, fallible, memory into movement and immediate form.