Curated by Zach Seeger

Ronald Gonzalez
Yan Cynthia Chen
Nicholas Cueva
Judy Glantzman
Angela Dufresne
Dennis Congdon
Dasha Shishkin
Nicola Tyson
Zach Seeger

Curator’s Statement:

ON THE STUMP represents a collection of artists’ works that I admire and feel a kinship with. For me, this work speaks to the humor, superstitions, and unfamiliarity humans have with their own bodies, their own world. This exhibition demonstrates the hilariously awkward, vulnerable, full-frontal, vulgar, and desperate forms and conditions of the body, through and of a range of materials. It is a physical reminder of the tactile and visceral forms that make up a messy world: an art not easily canned, scripted, or contained.

Zach Seeger is an artist, independent curator, and co-director of This Friday or Next Friday in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY.